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remodeled basement with wooden floor, single bed, white and cream walls

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Basement Remodeling & Finishing Portfolio


Flacø 223


We were looking to add an additional room to our basement as well as paint work and we had found Kevin, he was extremely professional and friendly, got the work we wanted done in time without charging an arm and a leg.

I Would most definitely recommend to anyone looking for remodeling services


Brandy Lopez-Gonzalez


Kevin did my parents basement remodeling.

Crew was very helpful and hardworking, everything moved faster than we expected! would recommend!




Kevin was really communicative throughout the process of it all. It was all done in a timely manner and am very pleased with the results.

If you’re looking for great work, he is the person to call.

Basement Remodeling Case Studies In Colorado

Full basement remodel, kids room, pink theme

500 ft². Basement Remodel in Denver, CO

For this Denver basement remodel, we transformed a 500 sq. ft. space into a stylish and functional little girl’s bedroom complete with a custom bathroom.

The project included framing, drywall, electrical work, plumbing, and HVAC. The highlight was a custom bathroom with a beautiful vanity. Doors and trim were added for a polished finish.

The total cost was $35,000, with the custom bathroom being the most significant expense at $12,000.

Before After basement before remodelbasement after renovations, gray walls, spotlights, carpet stairs, wooden floor

1200 ft². Basement Remodel in Aurora, CO

This larger basement in Aurora, CO, covered a 1200 sq. ft. area that we transformed into a beautiful living room and gym.

The comprehensive project involved framing, electrical, and plumbing work, creating a solid foundation for the redesign. Painting, texture, and trim were added to elevate the overall aesthetics.

For flooring, we installed durable LVP and comfortable carpet. The standout feature was a custom bathroom with laundry access, adding a touch of luxury and accounting for $15,000 of the $62,000 total project cost.

small bathroom remodel with gray cabinets and white countertop vanity, gray walk in shower and gray tile wall

1200 ft². Basement Remodel in Aurora, CO

Also in Aurora, CO, we transformed this 1200 sq. ft. basement complete with a master bathroom.

The project included framing, electrical, plumbing, and drywall work, along with painting and trim. We added HVAC for comfort and incorporated black fixtures and lights for a modern touch.

Carpet and laminate flooring were installed. The standout features were a custom bar at $10k and a luxurious custom shower at $15k. The total project cost was $68k.

Add more room to your home without breaking the bank. Get started now, it only takes a minute.

Basement Finishing Case Studies In Colorado

finished basement renovated white gray walls spotlights and beige carpet

1100 ft². Basement Finishing In Brighton, CO

In Brighton, CO, we completed a 1100 sq. ft. basement finishing project that started with essential elements such as framing, electrical work, rough plumbing, HVAC installation, and drywall.

We also installed carpet and laminate flooring, and painted the walls with texture.

The total cost of the project was $25,000, with plumbing work representing the most significant expense at $7,000. The result is a beautifully finished basement, tailored to meet the homeowners’ needs and preferences.

finished basement with white gray walls, spotlights, beige carpet

800 Ft². Basement Finishing In Lone Tree, CO

In Lone Tree, CO, we successfully completed this 800 sq. ft. basement finishing project that encompassed various upgrades.

The remodel included fresh paint, new carpet flooring, new baseboards, and the addition of recessed lighting.

The total cost for the project was quoted at $12,500, with the high-quality carpet installation being the most significant expense, amounting to $3,600. 

finished basement renovated white gray walls spotlights, wooden floor, fireplace, open-space kitchen with brown wood cabinets with white marble countertop

1200 Ft². Basement Finishing With Wet Bar In Parker, CO

In Parker, CO, this 1200 sq. ft. basement finishing project, elevates the space to new levels of sophistication and functionality.

The remodel encompassed baseboard installation, lighting upgrades, and fresh paint to create a polished look. The standout features were the custom cabinets and countertop, which added a touch of elegance to the space.

Additionally, we installed durable LVP flooring, providing both style and practicality. The focal points of the project were the custom wet bar and custom chimney with a mantle, which accounted for $20,000 of the total project cost of $35,000.

Turn any basement into the room of your choice with basement finishing. Get started now, it only takes a minute.

Bathroom Remodeling Portfolio


Iwona Meaney


Kevin and his crew worked on my half bath project which got finished last week. Everything turned out beautifully. Love my new bath!

Can’t wait to hire Aceves Remodeling & Renovations again!

High quality work all the way through!


Maria Hernandez


Aceves Remodeling & Renovations is a great company! They remodeled my Bathroom this March with Heated Tile floors! I can not wait until winter to try out my bathroom floor! 

They’re the best in Tile I tried a different company in my kitchen and they do not compare. My Bathroom Remodel is top of line without a doubt. I 100% recommend them to anyone looking for a remodel!


Jaz Cervantes


Kevin was very professional and quick, started almost immediately after doing an estimate for me, looked up to my expectations, finishing the bathroom on time and heard me out on the changes I wanted to make for my bathroom; turned my vision into a reality.

I would definitely recommend him for someone who is reliable regarding time, professionalism and communication!

Bathroom Remodeling Case Studies In Colorado

Before After

45 Ft². Bathroom Remodel in Bennett, CO

In Bennett, CO, this bathroom remodeling project covered 45 sq. ft., and.involved removing old tiles, as well as the tub and vanity, to make way for the fresh updates.

New flooring was installed, adding a touch of elegance to the space. A custom vanity with a custom top was included, elevating the bathroom’s aesthetics. To enhance functionality, we implemented new plumbing and installed a new tub with ceiling tile and a convenient shower niche.

Drywall repair was also undertaken to ensure a seamless finish. The total project cost was quoted at $13,000, with the tile selection being the most significant expense, at $3,000.

Before After

40 Ft². Bathroom Remodel in Strasburg, CO

This remodel in Strasburg began with the demolition of the old bathroom, clearing the way for the fresh updates. We installed a new tub and elegantly designed tiles to create a modern and stylish space.

An LED mirror was added to enhance functionality and add a touch of sophistication. The highlight of the project was the dual sink upgrade.

The total project cost was quoted at $15,000, with the most expensive items being the tub and gold fixtures, amounting to $2,000.

Before After bathroom before remodeling

140 Ft². Bedroom to bathroom conversion in Aurora, CO

This 140 sq. ft. bedroom was transformed into a stunning and functional bathroom. We started by demolishing the old bedroom carpet and subfloor, and strategically relocate HVAC and outlets for optimal functionality.

We installed new tile flooring and a stylish shower pan with a custom shower glass for a modern and elegant look. The highlight of the bathroom was the addition of a dual sink and a freestanding tub. Black fixtures were incorporated for a contemporary touch, and barn doors were installed to access the furnace discreetly. The total project cost was quoted at $45,000, with the tile selection and the shower and tub installation being the most expensive items, at $21,000.

From small basement bathrooms to large master bathrooms, we’ll upgrade your home with convenient facilities. Get started now, it only takes a minute.